Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 2

September 9, 2011

Another week, another batch of highs and lows.  This time, for the band at least, I can say it was all highs.  We faced so much adversity this week... being rained on during our entire Labor Day rehearsal, having to practice indoors in Holuba Hall on Tuesday, and essentially having only just a few hours in "normal settings" to get our 9/11 tribute ready for the high level of performance that is expected of the Blue Band.   Not to mention, the only time the band rehearsed pregame this week was a 15-minute segment at the end of Friday's (yesterday's) rehearsal, and then a walk-through this morning.  To pull off that caliber of a show as they did, and to perform it so well that at one point you could hear a pin drop in Beaver Stadium - it truly is remarkable.  That's a testament to how hard this band works, and the great staff that we have.  There are so many times where I don't feel worthy of being in the position that I'm in because of how talented and how well this band performs.  I'm humbled every time I get to take the field with them. 

The game was, well, the game.  Not much to be said about it.  The team didn't show up today, and it seems it was more of a coaching problem than the players, but, it wasn't pretty either way.  But, the Blue Band always wins, so, we had a great day.  Still had so many times when I tried to call up tunes but was then "over played" by the folks up in the press box, but, it's just expected at this point... I can't get myself worked up over it anymore.  We will play when we're given the opportunity, and that's all I can/am going to say about it.  No use complaining, whining, and smack-talking - that's not what this organization is about.  We'll hold our heads high, support the team, and perform whenever we get the chance. 

I had the chance to go over and speak to some of the members of the 50-person pep band that Alabama took to the game today.  What incredible people.  Each and every one of them was courteous and genuine.  Not a bad word I could say about them or their fans.  Plus they sounded pretty great too when I went over there to visit.

This week is going to be challenging for myself and the band.  We have an exhibition performance on Friday, the game at Temple on Saturday, and then another exhibition that night before returning to PSU late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  That means 4 flips in 24 hours for me (only doing one at the exhibitions, two at the game).  Need to take care of myself this week, that's for sure. 

Today was an experience that I'll always remember - no two flips so far (out of 22) have been as incredible as these two today.  I can't even begin to describe the feeling.  Halftime was so powerful I haven't put words to that either.  Perhaps someday I'll be able to explain it, but for now, I'll remain speechless.  Can't spend too long reflecting... the show must go on.

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